We provide startups and established businesses advice on corporate structure and incorporation, we start by getting your business entity formed and implement a framework that protects your brand. Established brands can benefit from tailored services.

We offer consulting on Company Incorporation and Partnership Formation | Patents and Trademarks Registration

Registering your Business & Trademark Registration:
We help form new businesses by determining the best path for your company and preparing the incorporation documents. As well as registering your trade name in order to protect your brand name.

Federal (Canada)
The main advantage of registering a Federal Corporation is increased name protection and ability to operate in multiple Canadian jurisdictions upon local registration.

The main advantage of registering an Ontario Corporation is a fairly simple name approval process and quick registration.

Register a trademark to protect your:

  • Business Name
  • Website and Domain
  • Logo
  • Name of your product or service
  • Company Slogan

In order to operate a Business in Ontario, you may need the following:

  • Check availability of the proposed business name
  • Register the business name
  • Apply for HST number (former GST number)
  • Apply for Payroll Account (if you are planning to have employees)
  • Apply for Import/Export Account (if you are planning to trade with other countries)
  • Apply for WSIB Account. This is mandatory if you are going to have employees.

Here is what you get once your application is approved:

  • You will receive an Official Registration Certificate issued by Ontario government
  • This certificate will be valid for 5 years
  • If you apply for tax accounts (and you should), you will receive documentation directly from appropriate government departments that administer those accounts. We will also provide you with account numbers where applicable.

All of the above can be easily accomplished.

Start now by filling out one of these application forms.

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