5 Tips: Influencer Agreements

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In this digital age it’s important for brands and entrepreneurs to learn the ins and outs of social media marketing. Understanding your target audience and learning how to engage with them effectively while promoting your brand and product is key to online sales and viability. Mastering this skill is crucial in this  COVID era where in person events and shopping is still limited.

Often times Brands will engage a social media Influencer to help market their products and or business to the Influencers audience.

Here are some top tips every Influencer agreement should have:

1. Define your Objective: Drive traffic, Brand Visibility, Reach new audience or Promote a new product. Clearly describe the purpose of collaboration.

2. Identify Content. It is important to clearly describe type of content Influencer will promote. Is it a static post, story, reel and or highlight. Identify the platform(s) that will be used and timing of sharing. Instagram and YouTube, Facebook and Instagram etc. Make sure the ask is clear and Influencer has your handles and hashtags inserted in all posts.

3. Get Metrics. It is important to collect data pre, during and post so you can properly evaluate effectiveness and if target audience is viable. This helps you understand timing of your ROI as well.

4. Boiler Plate Clauses. Include general contract boiler plate clauses: Duration, Termination, Payment, Collection of Personal Information and Use, Confidentiality/Non-Compete.

5. Grant of IP. Include right to IP clause, so you can use and re-share images and content at your leisure in future.

In general we recommend brands/entrepreneurs create customized agreements that are perpetual and can be edited easily for each Influencer as per specifics of the working relationship.

This article was written for educational purposes and should not be construed as legal advice.

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